Hi there, okay this opening might be a little cheesy, but here we go. I always wanted to summarize my study, work and life in a way, so that when I look back I can see some mistakes I’ve already made, and achievements I’ve built.

As you can see from the homepage title, it’s mainly focusing on data, a.k.a., my job related subjects. Like how Computer Science world was generous about coding sharing, I am going to use this platform to share how I process data, visualize it, and finally derive business insights from it. I’m still a learner, but I will share the path I’ve walked during past 4 years. This sharing platform will also help me to boost my memories and step further on my data journey. Please interact with me by subscribing to this site or generously leaving a comment down below (wow, I do sound like a YouTuber).

I guess every introduction is more likely ended up with some personal fact. I have one cat, Mr. White, adopted in 2014, Ohio, now we’re here in cozy California. Mr. White is doing fine, I’m as well. I like to focus on my personal life, which means bedroom makeover is most likely my weekend activity. I do dance, but usually from Jun-Dec, it’s been like this for three years. I would always find myself being occupied by life for the first half of the year, and the second half, suddenly I’m all free. But when I do dance, I take it seriously, maybe sometimes too serious, I dance 15 hours per week. You’ve might heard of urban dance, if not, it’s likely to be in your college dance team competition. Like a normal urban dancer, I joined a dance team in my school UC Davis.

As Volunteer Life, oh, where should I start with. I volunteered in OSU hospital when I was still in pre-med program back then. During my time in Ohio, I was also the president of Columbus Tzuching Affiliation Club in OSU, which is a volunteer club and visit nursing home and support local disaster relieve. Mr. White was adopted when I was volunteer in an animal shelter. It’s always reminds me the truth of living is giving, and by ‘giving’ you will find your ‘receiving’.


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