Yilan Liu (Casey)

Data, Decision, and Dance


I am a Data Scientist in health tech industry.

I have received my master degree at UC Davis in Biostatistics, and my bachelor degree at the Ohio State University in Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry. Modeling might be the leading character, but visualization is the actual screen writer.

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Funnel and Subscription Retention Analysis

1. Funnel Analysis Chose which metrics: Click through rate (Growth): (i.e. how many customer clicked on it after seeing the ad)# clicked / # shown Goal: bring customer to the site.Pros: able to identify demand from usersallow estimate to test and improve ad features to maximize CTR (since it’s only take account user behavior after…

Random Forest — Business Insights

Draw Business Insights from RF 1. Var Imp: Look at the rank of important variables, if the top one are the least actionable variable, meaning that it’s impossible for company to change that variable, delete it and re-build RFcheck whether the top variable are continuous or categorical variablecontinuous variables tend to show up at the…

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